Friday, July 04, 2003

Better today: Started to write notes on Brandom's Making It Explicit, which actually turned into an argument. Good strategy -- something to write against.

"He was inured to a society in which almost any action of individuals could by construed as a crime, but in which any crime committed by organizations or groups could be justified six ways." --Fritz Leiber, The Silver Eggheads

Pursuant to yesterday's note: Just as what it is to be one proposition rather than another is to be related inferentially (both materially and logically) to others, what it is to be a nation is to enter in alliances and relations with others. As much is written into the Declaration of Independence; declaring ourselves a free and independent nation amounts to claiming the right to enter into such alliances, trade, etc. And wars.

How did we come to always refer to them as the 'framers' of the Constitution, anyway? Of course, it means constructors, makers, but the connotation is of the builders of something around a space, waiting for the space itself to be filled in.

Other recent reading: Graham Greene, The Heart of The Matter, Loser Take All, Brighton Rock; Edward Carey, Observatory Mansions, Peter Finch, Useful (short book by Welsh poet containing a disarrangement of a Shakespearean sonnet almost exactly like a work of Steve McCaffrey's), a poor book on moral relativism whose author I've already forgotten.

Presently listening to a so-so Lux Radio Theater -- Talk Of The Town, one of those late-thirties common-people things disguised as romantic comedy. Cary Grant, Jean Arthur, Ronald Coleman -- still, second-drawer Capracorn at best.

Work more, now?

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