Monday, July 07, 2003

KSPC, 8-10 p.m.

Magazine - A Song From Under The Floorboards [meant to play 'Model Worker']
Scientists - Frantic Romantic [new Aus singles comp]
Kaito - Try Me Out
The Wedding's Off - South On Fair Oaks [local -- I'd like to see them]
Q & Not U - Soft Pyramids
Ben Gibbard - Farmer Chords ['Home' split]
Comets On Fire - Let's Take It All
Oranges Band - OK Apartment [I played this song 7 times in a row in the car a few days ago]
Quintron - Crazy
Flying Luttenbachers - Death Metal Is Free Jazz
Space Streakings - Never Listen! For DiscoAttacker Only [Skin Graft set]
Death From Above - Do It
Califone - Million Dollar Funeral
King of France - Makeshift
Jackie Mittoo - Peace Treaty [Blood & Fire reissue]
Silkworm - Let's Kill Saturday Night [Robbie Fulks cover]
Ui - Boxer-Painter
Saturday People - Conditional Tense ['literate, quirky pop' that sucked]
Loincloth - Noise International [Pen Rollings' new band, from label comp]
American Standards - My Bathroom Is A Private Kind of Place ['Product Music' comp]
Erase Errata - Marathon (Adult remix)
Jad Fair & Daisy Cooper - Too Much Time [Beefheart tribute comp]
Peggy Lee - I Don't Want To Play In Your Yard ['Sea Shells,' backed only by harp/celeste]
Essential Logic - Albert
Forget Cassavetes - [didn't write down, pretty bad]
Antipop & Matthew Shipp - Places I've Never Been
Sonic Youth - Expressway To Your Skull [by request for 'slow, sad Sonic Youth']
Constantines - Beneath the Stop Signs [decent, play this again]
Refrigerator - Somehow/Freeway Close

A listener called asking me to "play something different." "Like what." "Anything."

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