Monday, July 28, 2003

magazine -- model worker
m - pop muzik
glenn branca - light field - the ascension
franciscan hobbies - the animal performers
barzin - morning doubts
the hong kong - freerider pants
fred frith - romanische cafe
cex - not working
kevin blechtom/adult rodeo - jelly donuts
dwayn sodajerk - partying without inhibition or dignity
matmos - pelt & holler - new matador cd
eastside sinfonetta - surabaya johnny
young people - born to die
the cardiacs - big ship
giardini in miro - rene? this is a melancholic hip-wop
owen maercks - sleeping w/ great works of art - some guy who played with chadbourne
kill me tomorrow - i require chocolate
the natural history - broken language
!!! - me and guilliani down by the school yard (9 min!)
babyland - rgb
cause for applause - latest
spring heel jack - part ii - live with shipp/bennink/parker/parker/j spaceman?

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