Monday, July 21, 2003

Magazine - Model Worker
The Sick Lipstick - Thighmaster, I'm Your Master
Swirlies - Give Us Moonrocks
Les Baton Rouge - To Dead Ahead
Orchestra del Oro - Lolita Ya-Ya (arr. Don Costa)
TV on the Radio - Mr. Greaves (a capella Pixies cover)
Jon & Spencer Booze Explosion - Boxing (Ben Folds/Bette Midler cover)
John Miur - The Moon Men (song-poem anthology)
The Orphans - Chinatown
Eastside Sinfonetta - Ballad of the Lily of Hell
The Slits - Instant Hit/Or What Is It?
Essential Logic - Fanfare in the Garden
Scrawl - Green Beer
Black Eyes - Have Been Murdered Again
Joseph Hammer - Dynasty Suite 1 (long excerpt, mixed with next-named track)
Sigma 7 - A Man's Reach Must Exceed His Grasp, Or What's a Heaven For
The Function - The Words Are Still The Same
Lucio Burbano - La Burrita
Momus - Ice King (for ticket giveaway - no one called)
William Harper - Banjo of Death Sleeping
Ui - Banjo
Henry Townsend - I Asked Her If She Loved Me (Smithsonian blues comp)
Consonant - Are You Done?
Supercharger - (missed title, in Von Bondies case)
Deerhoof - Apple Bomb
Distractions - Time Goes By So Slow (bought on e-Bay)
Wckr Spgt - Howard's Sores
Tangiers - Red Stone Rocks

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