Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Nightbeat: 'What's natural about killing yourself with a scrub brush?'

'I don't know his mother, unless watching someone die is an introduction.'

Full moon.

topsoil/taproot (Crapshoot, cf. -Lolita Nation-.)

Hard day; worked myself up to writing until 5 or so, then worked until 9:20*, realized Fridge/Herman Dune show was tonight. One good new song in Fridge set, almost nothing from last album. Herman Dune -- weird to see French musicians influenced by the scene you were part of 10 years ago. Unusually good English, though a song named after 'Farewell, My Lovely' was taking it too far. Is that Freedom Rock? Well, turn it up man. Both brothers friendly. A guy who recently moved here from SF called me out, more or less, on not knowing more local music (Lisa Marr; Katie The Pest; Cowboy Nation, apparently the Kinman Bros. newest band).

*Meaning that I now have something resembling a full draft of Ch. 3 of my dissertation, the thing I've been dreading writing for a year or more. I'm sure Tyler will tear it apart, but it's certainly farther along than I've been. I should state my goal here: Ph.D. in hand by my 35th b-day (12/29/03).

Tomorrow will be hard as well; probably have to get up at 7 to do grading that I promised the class would get done. And -- I can't find the power adapter to the course laptop; might have to find a Circuit City or something before 11:30....

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