Thursday, July 24, 2003

Singers die; first their physical equipment decays, and they die. (As L. Cohen says, "A singer must die...") Bands break up; interpretations of songs become dates. But songs....they live on, beyond performances, performers, and performance styles. I can think of few endeavors more valuable, more permanent, that putting *songs* into the world. (Depending on the songs, of course!)

I don't know if I believe the above, and I know it's not well-expressed, but I'm trying it out.

It seems that for the past few days the only email I've gotten is either spam or Friendster-related.

Sort of back on track with work, but it's burdensome -- finally finished the Eitzel/Birkin piece and transcribed the ES interview, which would be plenty of work for one day normally, but I have to write the latter tomorrow. Can I be done in time to go to noir Westerns at UCLA? Also class prep -- with my luck, students -will- come to office hours tomorrow; I'd better go in early. I like it, but thank god I only have to hold it together for one more week -- also have to find time to learn those Chris Lee songs. And jeez, I feel the urge to work on some music, but it's really become the very, very last priority.

To do tonight: email piece to Matt Ashare, respond to several students, resolve some stray grading matters. Call Padgett? Better check in w/ Erica/Baxter SOON about getting the ES on my show. Turn over the Teresa Stratas record on my turntable. This is ridiculous. Book room in Tucson...

Last note -- Jenny's finally interested in doing 2 weeks of touring in Oct., booked/opened for by this Michael Zapruder guy.

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