Friday, July 11, 2003


Office hours at school, various errands, worked 3 hrs at B. Pig, ran into Rael. Mentioned in Alex Ross' NYer article about EMP conference, about 4 people let me know they'd seen it during the day. Excellent Marion Davies movies (-The Patsy- and -Show People-, both dir. King Vidor) at UCLA, plus strange short -The Wife Tamers- w/ Lionel Barrymore.

Marion Davies' father pitching her to a casting director: "She will now impersonate the various moods."


At school all freaking day; Godard's -A Woman Is A Woman- in eve. Stopped by the odd bookstore near the Nuart -- once pretty poor, recently taken over by a pair of Dutch brothers who are getting some good things in -- eyed a stack of A.E. Van Vogt paperbacks (left over from previous owner) and Eric Bentley's -Brecht Memoir-, but settled for cheap copies of Graham Greene's -A Burnt-Out Case- and a Patricia Highsmith novel (my first).

Consonant: Guitars as bodies.


Spend a huge part of the day designing first exam, various class cleanup. Frustrating. Finished reading that Jean Rhys novel, and quickly reread one of Barry Malzberg's assassination books (-The Destruction Of The Temple-). Talk about underrecognized -- according to a fansite, none of his 75(!) novels are in print (of course, this includes porn and 'Enforcer'-style series potboilers).

Ought to write a to-do list post.

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