Sunday, July 06, 2003

Yesterday: Some work, about 800 wds, slowed by casting-director conversation at the same cafe table. At least they were matter-of-fact; actually making a movie, apparently, instead of dreaming up some project to make themselves real.
Later, huge dinner at China Islamic for Bree's birthday. I wore what Bree called 'the Biarritz hat.'

Packing too much music-writing into today: Already finished a Fridge/Herman Dune show pick, currently procrastinating about starting my Phx column (reading a pleasant Jean Rhys novel instead of listening to Beth Gibbons). Later, seeing Califone/Brokeback/The Eternals and writing the review before bed. (Thanks to LA Weekly's production schedule, that's what happens when you cover a Sunday show.)

Style is tiring. I mean something by this, but I'll have to think just what on another day.

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