Friday, August 22, 2003

Later on Tuesday -- finally got Bree on the phone, though it still looks as though emails aren't going through. She seems to be better -- apparently the problem has been tardive dyskenesia caused by the ephedrine, and the headaches were caused by trying to control it. She sounded really relieved, and a lot happier. Had lunch w/ J and Convertino at Pico de Gallo, J left town, I didn't do much after. Saw some of Drive-By Truckers' set -- seemed like together, reasonably exciting Southern rock, w/ one singer a lot better than the other, but w/o the lyrics' being audible, I couldn't judge what's supposed to be special about them.

Wed. More dithering, saw swimming pool, finished a David Bromige chapbook and -Art Into Pop-, started Philip Roth's -I Married A Communist- (I don't know why I wanted to read this, Roth doesn't usually appeal to me, maybe it's the connection with Cohen's ex-Marxism). Saw -Swimming Pool-, more than decent, nicely composed and paced, rather Highsmithish with a good matter-of-fact bury-the-body scene. Met Buckner and drummer briefly in bar in early evening (Nick Luca Trio playing lowkey set), more approachable, even goofy, than I'd have thought. Forgot I'd played a show with his old band The Doubters around '94. I do get around.

Thurs. Felt like I didn't do much, but did in fact write one poem-like thing, my KSPC program guide piece, and did some MS revisions on Chapter 1. Which I'll now enter. Saw some of The Human League's show at what was, in all particulars, a dimly-lit Hooters called City Lights. Looked good, and it was fairly interesting watching the backing musicians (good dreadlocked synsonics drummer adding to the programmed rhythm, gtrist/keyboardist who looked like Jennifer Jason Leigh playing Dorothy Parker, and a fat guy on laptop and fan.) Oakley's shorter than you'd imagine and in almost unchanged voice, the blonde gal is well preserved, the brunette less so, but their combined singing ability is limited to getting the words right. Highlight by far, "Seconds."

5 by 8 by 15 pallet of new Harry Potter books, a few taken and slightly disarrayed like a Carl Andre but bluer.

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