Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Mon -- Incredible frustration (and finally, no success) with getting my remote call forwarding working. Richard, Bree, and my mom persist in leaving messages at home, even though they have my goddamn cell number. Otherwise -- found new/used bookstore near Congress that opened since I was last here. Owner (?) is a poet, knows Martin and Cathy in Utah, had some excellent small press stuff. Sold the books I'd intended to take to Bookman's to her Wed., got a new Elmslie/Trevor Winkfield chapbook, Blegvad's -Leviathan-, and a few others. Pico de Gallo in evening, amazing as always. '80s night, not so hot, it'd be more fun if Jenny was much on dancing
Oh, yeah, we also saw Le Divorce; J. review: "Le shitpile." Apparent ref. to Rene Clair footage (wrong to call it a documentary) I saw in LA a few weeks ago.
Today -- Similar, more non-response from emails to France (though phone msg says she got my mom's; and that she's a lot better). Will probably see Drive-By Truckers.

A little poetry this morning and yesterday afternoon, nothing brilliant. Not really in a productive mode yet, partly or entirely b/c of this suspense about Bree's condition.

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