Monday, August 04, 2003

Paper, someday: Does the notion of 'moral progress' hide consequentialist assumptions?

More than a week since last entry. I think that all that's happened is: Finished off the logic class, saw Ted Leo/Oranges Band on Tue. 29, played piano for Chris Lee in SD on Sat. and here at the KF on Sun.. Clams galore, though the new Korg came in handy. Nice hanging out w/ him and Michael Zapruder, who opened -- latter has interesting job analyzing musical similarity between pop songs for some online search service. His songs show it, kind of -- "Don't Say A Word," is a successful enough "Don't Explain" rewrite to have fooled me. Anyway, same gig tomorrow in SF.

Nice response from booker at Club Congress. Driven crazy by consumer-goods threads -- am I that guy? (I know I'm not explaining this.)

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