Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Stigmata : Cross-ventilation

Situation with Bree has not improved, at least her symptoms haven't. I've convinced her, I think, to stop going to Dr. Charny (sp?). The last patch of dropper-bottles included colloidal silver (snake-oil bullshit) and fucking DOPAMINE! (Of which John D. said, it's good for a hot night on the town.) But she's still got this pressure in the head, and the Benadryl hasn't relieved her symtoms. A visit to my parents helped calm her down temporarily, but I have to tell her frequently not to panic. I honestly think this will work itself out, but her mental state is not good. I'm taking her to the emergency room at Cedars' today.

It's all horrible; and making it damn hard to get my own tasks done. Selfish, but this is so tiring, and my concern is balanced (cut) by my feeling that it's self-inflicted.

Sunday -- Lucksmiths at Sea Level, Party of One at Spaceland. Monday, my radio show, but the computer was down so coudn't blog in the playlist. Doing Padgett's show Thursday, so maybe I'll be able to go back and find Mon's playlist as well. Tuesday -- about 1/2 of Eastside Sinfonetta's set at Echo, left after a few WACO songs; didn't seem like the songs were that well integrated with the orchestral stuff (about a dozen players on stage), and that Stephen guy plays piano too hard.

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