Saturday, August 09, 2003

T and W, up in SF with Chris Lee and Michael Zapruder. Nice, well-received show, ran into Chris Stroffolino and a friend of Annick's. Wed. went out to San Leandro, bookstore was closed but found a few things at Salvation Army, and had huge luck at Green Apple -- near complete run of Nancy's Magazine, and better credit than expected, courtesy George Albon.

Bree had a terrible reaction to the Chinese medicinal herbs while I was gone, stayed at her half-sister Drew's one night and friend Harry's the next. (The latter was very sweet and calm, attempting to do some online research into the drug, with little luck -- the translation of the Korean name is 'Cold Wind.')

The above is very trying -- Bree's problems (which are caused by her own actions in complex ways) are wearing me down. I don't know if I can imagine living out my life around this sort of thing. "I need you so much." I need someone who I can need -- I'm no pillar of strength. I could go on quite a bit about this.

This a.m. took her to her car and went to see Shockproof in Santa Monica, an ok Sirk noir it seems I'd seen before. Maybe a waste of my time, but hell. Tonight, Only Angels Have Wings and To Have and Have Not at LACMA. Going to try to watch Ray Johnson doc at D&K's inbetween.

Reading more Highsmith, now on the 2nd of the Ripley novels.

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