Sunday, August 17, 2003

Wed. Trip to Cedars -- Bree dizzy (anxiety or physical symptom) before I got there, stern lecture from one Dr. Katz on the completely unregulated nature of 'nutritional supplements,' ibuprofin and one under-the-tongue Atavin (making her horny as wine), plus some Vicadin for the road.

Thurs. I spent a calming hour in the French-colony-in-Africa-styled cafe (can't remember name) on Sunset, while readin the Highsmith novel, which has a similar setting. Will go back Blackout that afternoon, just after I sent a pitch to The Believer, which got queued for days. That sounds like -I- had a blackout; no, it was New York. Got Bree off on the plane later Thurs. Overeating. Th. and Fri. also, tons of errands, little real work. Managed to get Stark Reality piece done this a.m. at 'rents before driving to Tucson. Made great time, 7 hrs and a little change. Blacky Ranchette, Isobel Campbell (B&S never came), Stones Throw comp., Stroffolino's record (better than I'd feared). Pleasant dinner (BBQ) with Jenny, rummy and drinks in her room, I vented about Bree (also had discussion with parents until almost 3 a.m. last night). It's trying.

Article about the high-school assembly industry. Death and the musical. We might not have seen eye to eye/but at least we were facing each other.

Funny how these Highsmith novels do seem to reflect my life in various ways. Elaborate?

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