Wednesday, September 24, 2003

"An arrangement is when someone stops playing." (Eno) His diary is interesting, good to be reminded that some people think and are serious. Of course, better on big ideas than details (why professional philosophers aren't in public life), but no fool. I didn't realize he was so dubious about computers. The book's from mid-'90s; wonder what he thinks of ProTools.

Costello press event yesterday. I liked the songs better after hearing vocal/piano versions -- so I guess the event was successful. Still, the failures of craft (setting of syllables to notes) bother me. I may be the only person not currently writing a Broadway show who gives two shits about this.

My God, the terms of American cultural debate really are bankrupt. If Fresh Air is pornography, Sarah Vowell's recent piece on Johnny Cash was a snuff film. (Distinction rarely made, though -- seeing someone's work in the context of their own previous WORK is different than seeing it on the lens of biography. Excusing myself for recent Steve Turner piece.)

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