Monday, September 01, 2003

final kspc show of the summer

rekindle -- ice skating girl -- outpost comp
a luna red -- it is your anthem
party of one -- snap you like a twig
scrawl -- good under pressure
fred neil - that's the bag i'm in
randy newman -- great nations of europe
lisa moore -- dreadful memories (rzewski, cantaloupe)
juana molino -- el perro
esg -- you make no sense
sharon jones & the dap-kings -- I got a thing
ranking joe -- rent man style
stark reality -- say brother
george soule -- get involved -- black & proud comp (trikont)
grady tate -- be black
jojo melons -- dancing days
evan parker/george lewis -- four
steve lacy -- a ring of bone
roswell rudd -- jackie-ing (monk)
would-be-goods -- 1999
Band of Blacky Ranchette -- Getting It Made (Case/Buckner duet)
Kelly Hogan -- Dues -- Nashville sdtrck tribute (Mint)
Risk Relay -- The Bottle Let Me Down
Lazy Cowgirls -- Lookin' Back
(ebs test)
Theoretical Girls -- Computer Dating
Tyondai Braxton -- the violent light through falling shards (jmz)

Upsetting: Idly looked at Amazon reviews for -Tempting-, and there was a two-star one headed 'no melodies to speak of.' Shouldn't I be able to brush this off? Oh, he goes out of his way to compare me unfavorably to Stephen Merritt. Thank you.

-Hot Heiress- (1930). Not incredible, 3 R & H songs, uses the line "A cat may look at a queen," in dialogue not song.
-Oh! Mr. Porter- (194?). Marvelous, really entertaining British railway comedy.

worked a little today, not enough

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