Saturday, September 06, 2003

Sans Soliel (1982)

'small fragments of war enshrined in everyday life'

'he used to write to me'....with his camera-stylo

commercials as haiku.

Basho: "The willow sees the heron upside-down."

Cape Verde -- guerilla war against the Portugese. 1959. Forgotten revolution.

There is no simple/single way to read off the character of a culture from the organization of its music.

work - produce - distribute [don't know what this was attached to]

connection between illness and occupation

"Death Takes A Panda"


My mother was half Symbionese.

By any meanings necessary.

ZONE -- Tarkovsky, Cocteau (distorted/decayed video images). Toufic.

Getting rich off your critique of capitalism. Of course, getting rich doesn't stop capitalism. Or: Not getting rich off your critique of capitalism doesn't stop capitalism.

'60s revolution -- those rejecting wealth joining with those rejecting poverty. [paraphrase]

'a moment stopped would purn like a frame in front of a projector' !!!

Kamikaze: In the plane I am a piece of metal, on the ground I am a human being.

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