Tuesday, October 07, 2003

demos -- demonstrations, but also demotic, of the people.

Last night, I dreamt that I was in some sort of office building, don't remember what for. I go into a room on the top floor, kind of like the sort of hall you'd rent for a wedding reception at a hotel. The Aluminum Group are recording with a full orchestra. But that's only taking place in about one-quarter of the space. The rest is kind of a Dept. of Motor Vehicles set-up, with lots of not-rich looking people clutching pink slips and sitting on modular sofas. I sit down by the wall, and a child next to me is playing with a cassette by...Number One Cup. Then everyone clears out, and an LA poet comes in, is surprised to see me, and says he's here for the next event, a lecture by some French theorist I've never heard of.

Generally speaking, feeling half-alive. Fly to NYC Thurs. -- in-between, see Tyler about Ch. 1, interview Young People before Spaceland show, teach Rael's class. More 'action' than I've seen in a couple weeks. (There was the Mountain Goats show last week -- bizarre to be a rock star by proxy for about 12 minutes when one hasn't played a note for weeks.) Finished EP for Douglas last night -- kind of makes up in concept what it lacks in sonics/excecution. I think it may be better 'art' than 'music.' Have started having a small brandy most nights -- have I 'taken to drink'?

Really have to start working more of the day, more days, once I get back from NY. Weird thing w/ not being able to register for classes, error message about this being the quarter I'm to degree, which is certainly nothing I've ever declared officially.

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