Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Dreamt I was giving a talk at an aesthetics conference held in a cross between the Magic Castle and a whorehouse, somehow upstairs from my family's Thanksgiving dinner. The paper was on Roger Scruton, I hadn't written it and was hoping to do so during the other talks, but I had to keep going downstairs, during dinner. The only other thing I remember is that my presentation involved a slide of a painting by a contemporary German artist (someone like Richter or Polke -- he had a name in the dream). The painting was of a Gateway-box-looking cow in a field, with a blurry red swastika painted on its side.

today -- trying to set up practice, dry-cleaner's, p.o. (put postage on cds for cory but didn't wait in the day-before-Thanksgiving line), amoeba, karma coffeehouse (I don't know about this place -- 2 guys with acoustic guitars and no clue rehearsing a terrible folk-pop song over and freaking over, ch. 'you never shed a tear,' fat guy working, looks punk but plays live Fleetwood Mac), gym

poss song title: lovers on the radio

The appearance/reality distinction (in Platonist or Zen sense -- 'maya' -- for example) is a metaphysical version of the more (slightly?) concrete distinction in everyday moral judgement between 'what matters' in life and what doesn't. This is what deep/shallow metaphors, and some inner/outer tropes (beauty -- what you are v. how you look) try to capture. Analogy: relation of metaphysical skepticism to everyday questions about knowledge/justification (the Austin/Cavell view).

didn't know there were Andy Warhol stamps

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