Monday, November 24, 2003

fri nite, jason collett (awful)/stars (pretty great)/broken social scene (seemed ok, had to leave early) w/ shannon at henry fonda; animal charm (video detourners, moved here from chicago) at red cat, midnight...ran into andrew maxwell and crowd.

sat missed cleo 5 to 7 at laemmle's (one of those a.m. screening series I never quite get it together for); had to complain again about upstairs' neighbors music; planned to go to beyond baroque reading (oppen tribute), but had to call tyler around 8 p.m. to go over writing sample; his suggested changes more minor than expected -- heartening

sun taken up entirely by dad's birthday; mission inn in riverside (too damn much foot, but some pretty good smoked seafood), desert at grandmother's; exhausted all day

(songs in progress)

meat thermometer (not a double-entedre; it's actually about a meat thermometer)
when the one you want is not the one you have (yeah, overtly smiths-derived title)
i don't know you anymore (this one's pretty much done -- exactly two chords, sounds like the primitives)
'one song' (really straight pop, I don't think this one's making it)
love-starved (good title, too wordy at present -- 'assuage' is pretty bad) disaster area (actually, this is finished too, it's kinda alpha-Goatsy in content, but probably too confusing -- the kind of song that needs to be run up the flag live a few times)

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