Sunday, November 02, 2003

It's November 2nd, I'm sitting in Kristin Thompson's office listening to the Tinklers ("Don't Put Your Finger In The Fan") and writing this for eventual transfer to the Jenny Toomey tour diary. Played here in Philly last night -- really poor attendance (an early all-ages show at The Fire, which is a weird section of town that seems more appropriate to gnarly punk than whatever we and Michael Z. are), and we played kinda badly. "Clambed" would be the operative critical term. But one fellow really liked it, made us both sign an Antidote poster, and then told me about the saint buried (or encased in wax, it wasn't clear) nearby. Learned another of MZ's songs, "Experimental Film," and added some gtr bits. All the non-show stuff was great -- the club was showing films on the side of the next building over, so we ordered mole enchiladas from next door (this has been an unusually strong tour, eating-wise) and saw large chunks of "Psycho" and "Night Of The Living Dead," and, as we are leaving, the silent version of "Phantom of the Opera," complete w/ the early Technicolor bits. (And on the $12 bus from NYC Chinatown to the Philly analogue, we were shown "Shanghai Noon," which seemed fairly inventive for a formulaic buddy movie. So, a very cinematic day. Also read a good bit of Laura Kipnis' -Against Love- on said bus, on which I was badly crowded by a not especially pleasant woman because I didn't make the bus in time to sit w/ Jean, who is very compact.) Also, finally met Jenny's squeeze Brian, who seems like a fine fellow, and her friend Dorothy, but didn't get to talk to her. After a drink at the Royal, I acted as late-nite cheesesteak enabler, enticing J & Brian down to Pat's, where Jenny made a bad faux pas by grabbing someone else's order of cheese fries before hers were up! (Misunderstanding about how the window system worked.) The injured customer was nice about it, the counterman was not -- threw her change at her. According to Kristin, Gino's across the street (huge Philly rivalry) has a big anti-Mumia thing, I guess the cop that he either shot or didn't was a local and a regular. Also met Pierce & Melissa, a lawyer and law-library archivist respectively, very nice friends of MZ. Really nice polyester disco shirt on Pierce. As for this a.m., went down to the Italian Market, had my kinda-usual breakfast-when-I'm-in-Philly of pepper shooters, octopus salad, and a roll. Bought a Patricia Highsmith novel and a Mary McCarthy memoir at the used bookstore that's oddly placed between pork stores on the same street. It's not a great testimonial that everything other than the show last night seems to be more interesting than the actual rock, but that happens sometimes. We'll be really good in NYC tomorrow, on the inverse of the 'good-rehearsal-bad-show' principle. The Tinkers' version of "Hokey Pokey" is on now, good time to stop.

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