Monday, January 12, 2004

Long absence, but the following must be registered. A snake crawled out of Bree's toilet last night. She got up to go to the bathroom and woke me up screaming. She double-checked, thinking she might be half-asleep and hallucinating, but nope, snake. I didn't look at it myself until we called animal control -- the guy asked if it was still there, so I peeked into the bathroom, didn't see it at first, but there it was behind the tolet, wrapped around a plunger. So I described it to the animal control officer -- black with green patches -- and he said, oh, garter snake, sounding pretty matter-of-fact. But when the officer showed up, with a couple of long stick-like things, he said it was a BULL PYTHON! (He was very fast -- in and out in about two minutes, not waiting to be thanked. I wanted to find out if this was common. I also thought they maybe brought a cage.) It took Bree a while to be willing to use the bathroom after it was gone.

[Should be explained that Bree lives on the 6ths floor of a 7-floor apartment building in Koreatown. This was a neighbor's pet, one assumes -- I don't think it could have crawled through the sewer all the way from Macarthur Park, nearby. (Insert Jimmy Webb joke here.)]

B/c of this, we were up in the middle of the night for a while, watching a good chunk of -The Great Zigfield-. Great Ray Bolger specialty tap number; mystifyingly Oscar-winning performance (either the year after or before -The Good Earth-) by Luise Ranier. Even later that night, I woke up suddenly from a dream that I'd taken a sharp turn on Hwy 10 too fast, and was sailing off to my death. Tired the next day, obviously.

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