Friday, February 06, 2004

Beyond noting the fearful poignancy of the change from third person to first in the final sentence below, I have little to add to these words on SANCTIFICATION from one Pastor Jeff:

"My father has several workbenches filled with tools (and many other things for that matter).  Growing up, we learned that it was O.K. to use those tools for common use.  But we also learned that there was a special drawer of tools in my father's tool cabinet that was "set apart" for his special projects: his "snap-on tool drawer".  These were the tools that were to be used only by him and only on his most important projects.  God wants us to be set apart and live a holy life so that he might use use us greatly for his special projects.  His "set apart ones" are not to waste their time in the sin of this world, but are to be kept for the Father's special projects.

(Personal Illustration from Pastor Jeff...and his childhood experiences in learning the meaning of sanctification by the unauthorized use of my father's snap-on wrenches.)"

[fjb: I won't even try to explain how I arrived at this page. I don't recommend the link, but it's there for completeness.]

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