Friday, February 13, 2004

Here's a counter-account of the Ashbery-Lehman event that continues to generate discussion at S/FJ. Link discovered via poet John Latta -- independently interesting reading.

A couple of people have heard this story in person, but: 3 times in the last several days, I've uttered "Thanksgiving" when meaning to utter "Valentine's Day." Twice when discussing plans with Bree, once while recounting these slips to others: "So, the other day, I was trying to say 'Thanksgiving'....Shit!"

And, in the course of diss work today (some progress, never enough) read this, in my committee-member David Kaplan's "Words":

"There are, of course, familiar ways in which one can fail to say the word one intends to say, for example by intending to say the magic word that opens the cave door, but forgetting exactly which word that is. Or intending to say the name of an old acquaintance at a party, but drawing a blank. (This last is a looming fact of life for many of us.) Here the word is given under a concept, as Frege would say. This is a quite different thing that mispronunciation, even startling, inexplicable mispronunciation."

On the way to Leonard Schwartz/Guy Bennett reading at Beyond Baroque, saw that old Italian restaurant called Bruno's is now Vineyard Christian Fellowship, though the change in signage is Not Fooling Anybody, though Howard's Bacon & Avocado Burgers still issues its siren call. (Brief notes on reading tomorrow.)

Returning, passed Henry Fonda Theater, where OutKast and Lil Kim were appearing at some event related to the NBA All-Stars. Spotlights out front, that sort of thing. Rael wrote me this a.m. wondering if I had any in, but I'd only even noticed the marquee yesterday. Idly checked Craig's List -- someone was selling their $300 tickets (I think that was for a pair) for...$280. Probably not full sets anyway (sour grapes). This moves me to note, however, that no increase in my degree of theoretical commitment to populism is likely to result in my following sport.

Just heard Anthony Braxton cancelled his 3 shows here for "scheduling reasons," even though they'd been announced about 3 months ago. Very disappointed.

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