Thursday, February 12, 2004

Here's my Boston Phx piece about The Urinals.

SF trip was my first long drive since the iPod, pretty great. Between going up and coming down, got through extra discs of This Year's Model and Armed Forces, rest of Cugat disc (finally have that Lina Romay song), Johnnie Ray High Drama, Strictly Kev again, Cupid & Psyche '85 (which had just come up in conversation), 2 Dragnet episodes, and an hour or two of shuffle. Non-loaded: New demos by Peter Hughes, now recording solo as Peter Peter Hughes, and a radio station in Kings/Fresno that I always try to find, which plays '50s stuff that barely even pretends to be rock and roll, like "100 Pounds of Clay" and "Puppy Love," the vocal on which makes Mr. Ray look subtle.

Stayed w/ Joshua "Nashville is the ass that cannot be licked" Clover in Berkeley, who: Gives a different impression w/ his hair grown out, answered my halting questions about contemp. poets w/ aplomb, and suggested Scritti Politti II as my new band name (hence above). I wish. In a typical move, I left the shorts I usually exercise in at his place.

Mountain Goats show -- not the start of the real tour, just 2 nights in SF before starting in North Carolina a few days from now. No practice beforehand, but sounded fine. Mostly the new album and Tallahassee, but a very strong "Jenny" and the one about seed catalogs I never remember the name of. No "Against Pollution," my pick from the new album (though it's the dulcimer that makes it, not a phrase I often have need to write). Excellent tour t-shirt, the back of which details a fictional string of dates at mostly real and depressing Inland Empire locations, such as the Monclair poolhall Foxy's II, and Spanky's, an awful sports-bar-w/-bands-sometimes that 0pb played at in 1991 at the latest. Lovely to see the boys, and old friends Annick/Sean Rooney as well.

Next a.m. left J-Clo's after some deliberation over whether he wanted me to turn his furnace off. (He'd gone to work early and laryngitically.) Chose not to burn house down. Followed his directions to Moe's, where I rapidly blew my attempt not to buy books in Feb. Scored used-price copy of new Debord collected cinematic works, which I had glimpsed at JC's and wasn't expecting to find so cheaply; also George Albon's Brief Capital of Disturbances, prose work he'd published in a different organization in the privately circulated Lowghost several years ago. (Title is a Debord reference I didn't recognize, despite chiasmic giveaway.) Also two Lefebvre books and some other poetry (Berkson, Warsh, Gottlieb). Had to skip a new Cambridge anthology on Conceptual Art -- hope I haven't already lost the slip where I wrote the ed's name.

OK, strict reportage, maybe something else tomorrow; I think I've already worked through my P&J issues. This, an epigraph in the Albon:

"To us and all those who hate us, that the U.S.A. become just another part of the world, no more, no less." -- John Cage, 1967

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