Sunday, February 29, 2004

So, is there someone or something in the world that you love, and feel that you somewhat understand, but that you also feel that not that many other people understand, and that your efforts to communicate regarding are largely in vain, partly because of your own inadequacy, and partly out of willfull misunderstanding?

Possibly you have felt that way about carpentry, or card tricks, or golf, or organic chemistry, or dancing, or the person your parents don't quite understand why you're in love with.

That's how I feel about songs. Not music, particularly -- songs.

I have been moved to tears or nearly so by Ethel Merman's performance of "Moonshine Lullaby" from Annie Get Your Gun. It is a wonderful performance, but it is a perfect song. An utterly trivial, utterly perfect song. It is good that that there are all sorts of things in the world other than such songs; but I don't care about most of them quite as much.

"Smoke Rings" is a very good song.
"Why Must You Throw Dirt In My Face?" is a very good song.
"Crying In The Rain" is not as good as those, but still quite a good song.

Neko/Kelly/Carolyn (+Jon Rauhouse & Tommy Connell) sang all those tonight. They've all got the pipes; Kelly Hogan's got the phrasing. If this were 1936, she could be, oh, Lee Wiley. She probably feels about singing like I do about songs.

Sometimes, people who are talented put on enjoyable performances.

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