Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Tomorrow: Publication party for Mohammed Dib's "L.A. Trip," recently pub'd by Green Integer. My understanding is that translator Paul Vangelisti will read both from the book and his correspondence with Dib (Algerian writer who died last May). Wed, 2/18, at the Mountain (473 Gen Ling Way, Central Plaza, in Chinatown), at 7PM. I expect to be there.

Overheard in The Borgeious Pig, local cafe I usually avoid: "I do feel that my energy is more conducive to the nature of the store."

Highly self-possessed prepubescent girl (child actor?) in gym, 12 at the very oldest, on treadmill when I got there, still on when I left. No body fat -- hardly any flesh -- in the first place. I know children have more energy than they can use -- but this can't be good. Cover story of New York: "Mommy, Am I Fat?"

Have Boy on The Corner and Country On The Click (Dizzee Rascal and The Fall respectively) programmed together as an iPod playlist. On shuffle, excellent exercise sdtrck. Freaked diction in common, certain song intros could belong to either disc, though this is not a particularly keyboard-or-programming-driven Fall incarnation. My first thought on hearing "Sittin' Here" involved Ranking Roger, which is yet another reason I would be ill-advised to write about hip-hop professionally. (See: I don't even know that grime isn't hip-hop.)

Managed to stay almost entirely offline today, wrote 1800 words of diss. The hell of it: This chapter is to an appropriate length for a draft, but the thing hasn't been said.

I now direct you to amusing links in last two days of Useful Noise (link at right), apropos which: First, maybe I want blobs in my Polariod. Actually, maybe I'm Lucas Samaras (halfway down). Second, I had completely forgotten that Billy Joel checks Johnnie Ray in "We Didn't Start The Fire"; doesn't Santayana's death seem an odd thing for him to emphasize? I'd understand if it were for the sake of a rhyme, but then, I usually do.

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