Wednesday, February 25, 2004

What I didn't expect:

for +/- (at Spaceland) to rock "Trapped Under Ice Floes" so hard, nor for James Balayut to do a cupped-hands Stan Ridgway impression through most of one song.

Dwight Trible (at a bookstore in Baldwin Hills) to sing a vocalese "A Love Supreme" and Leonard Bernstein/Comden & Green's "Some Other Time" (from the stage version of On The Town.

to find both volumes of Adrian Piper's collected papers, which I've ached to buy many a time, shrinkwrapped together for $18.50. (Same place: Esowon Books, 3655 S. La Brea. Excellent remainders, not the stuff you see at outlet malls. Commended to L.A. readers.)

That Rael would want to stop at Pink's for a hot Chicago Polish.

the elf noises on track 14 (I think -- it's in the car) of the new Mission of Burma.

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