Thursday, March 25, 2004

Actually drove over to Silverlake Lounge for Metal Urbain, a while after I'd told Rael I was too tired; he wasn't there. (Sorry -- I suddenly realized I might want to write about the reissue). I guess I don't really know all that much about them -- thick guitars, slightly different tones but all chordal, incessant programmed beat (it looked like there was a screen up there, I wonder if it's the same drum machine tracks/sounds they had in '79 in digital files, or new ones?), shouted French vox. Samey -- one song seethed better/differently than the others, but I have no way of i.d.ing it. w/o further study of the recordings. (Might have included the words "coca-cola.") Main surprise was that the crowd was not so much old as dirty, more scuzzypunk than artypunk or Echo Park hip.

Otherwise, Bree now out of country until I am a doctor (insert tedious story involving her credit card and Fed Ex same day service), first trip to gym in mos. this a.m., not as horrifying as feared, nothing afternoon of stuggling with a personal statement for a fellowship ("Statement: I'm a person"), not finding my outside member at UCLA, and tracking down citations in the department library. (I'm still here, timing my drive home for radio drama.) Tomorrow, resequence next (presumably last) opb disc at David Trumfio's, then my Phx piece and more fellowshipping. Wait, that means I'm going to convert someone.

Need to be taking care of Everything Else in these few days of respite while my chair is reading my draft. I begin teaching "Topics in Aesthetic Theory" two weeks from this date, w/ two weeks grace to file the beast after that. Syllabus?

I apologize. It's going to take me a few days to get back into the habit of being interesting. If not longer.

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