Friday, March 19, 2004

Apologies in advance; feeling trivial.

My new grime name: Disoriented Scamp.

Appealing and/or appetizing: The vanishing use of 'delicatessen' as a mass noun, as in "Now, Albert is obviously not a lover of delicatessen and you are well rid of him." (A Thousand Clowns. Very Knipl. Thoughy also inspired by lox nicoise (sorry, this is LA) at Jerry's Famous yesterday.

10:00 this a.m., from upstairs: "Break On Through." A few minutes later: "Riders On the Storm." Any points in your favor for being young and alive are immediately taken away, and then some, for listening to "Riders On the Storm." (That was originally "Riders on the Strom," which I don't want to think about.)

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