Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Free postcard: "L'Oreal: THOSE ROCK STAR EYES -- glam metal lids and lashes now on tour spring '04 -- because you're worth it" Back: "L'Oreal Proudly Celebrates Women Of Rock & Their Music." Model: Milla Jovovich.

Free name for all-female metal band, pref. older: Battleaxe. (Extra 'x' optional.)

Poor day for productivity after two excellent ones; difficulty downshifting from writing to errands (2 hrs. min. in Kinko's). Thrown for loop by potential good news which I won't jinx here in a.m.; difficulty getting back to business. Did watch Grand Illusion; tunnel-digging ("Watch me play the mole") scenes repeatedly. "The arts aren't forbidden here." Also rented Ikuru, couldn't get to it; eyes bigger than eyes.

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