Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Very little for you today: I don't think I've had a coherent thought not about the ontology of musical works or the pursuit of nourishment for the last 36 hours. Did see Franz Ferdinand at their Amoeba instore Monday evening, but I'm saving it. Rael led me to the $2.95 cut-outs of consonant's 2nd disc (sad, but I bought three, and they'll get good homes), and saved me $5 by finding a used OutKast disc.

Oh lord, that reminds me -- there's something under the OK filecard called The Lounge Below an instrumental tribute to OutKast. This, they have, and no grime comps?

Actual sentence from an earlier part of my dissertation: "It is conceivable that my grandmother is not a rheumatist." And they wouldn't hire me to write LSAT questions.

Lastly, a quick word for Macgregor Card's two procedural poems in The Hat #5. Somehow based in palindromes, but with other complicating elements, which I can't quite suss -- the effect is, ahem, 'astonishing.' Card's Germ co-editor Andrew Maxwell (also of Open City, Curtains, and, apparently, the Wes Clark campaign for a couple months) said something about 'vowel mirroring' and other, further constraints, and that they could have used an explanatory note. I like them quite well without -- it's clear that something maddeningly picky and labor-intensive is going down, but what? Bok-y.

They can't exactly be given 'readings,' but here are the titles:

A Mirror, Retrofit, I Repaired Nude to, Very Lyre Voted Under -- I, Apertif or Terror Rima?

and (this one's not a palindrome):

On Deify'd Nadir, Atop a Manor I Apsed. For I, Dante, Ye -- No Graffiti for Terminus Gate, Vital Lieu.

[Hasn't Harry Matthews written something under the constraint of 'appearing to be written under heavy constraint' and no other?]

Are you a graphomane if you're just typing?

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