Thursday, April 22, 2004

Experiencing a rare sense of respite -- perhaps it's not surprising that this is accompanied by a lack of anything contentful to write. That said:

1) Anyone want to come see the Jules Dassin dbl feature (The Naked City, the location-shot charms of which I can attest to, and Night and the City, which I keep missing) on Friday at LACMA? You know how to reach me.

2) I'm performing (songs, solo, still under the name I was born with, despite my best efforts) on Sunday sometime between 6:00-9:00 at The Smell in downtown L.A. -- here are directions to the infamous alley between Main and Spring. It seems that there's some confusion about who else is on, though The Urinals, I hear, are out -- this is the first of a last Sunday-of-the-month poets-and-one-acts-and-music thing they're doing. But hey, it's $5 tops, and not ridiculously late. Give it-me-us a try. (Some of you will get an email about this, sorry.)

3) Buying a shrinkwrapped, S/F-J-less NYer in Sea-Tac, noticed the first person I have ever seen buy pornography at an airport newstand. However, she appeared to be doing research. At LAX, on the other hand, heard the following side of a cellphone conversation w/in minutes of disembarking: "Well, if he says it's a calling, and then wonders if it's really a calling, you can just tell him -- look, you know how God created man? Well, before he did, he probably stepped back and said, 'Is this such a good idea'?"

4) Just saw my ethnomusicologist friend Angela Rodel and others perform some jazzed-up Bulgarian music in the atrium of UCLA's folklore museum. All very nice, but the clocktower going off bigtime at 7 p.m., coinciding almost exactly with the length of a double-bass solo, easily topped the rest.

More on Bas Jan Ader later, I swear.

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