Thursday, April 01, 2004

Looks like the pro-life crowd have been hiring some highly strategic and evil persons trained as bioethicists, huh? It's two crimes, see, because....'Diabolical' seems apt.

So: It seems I've engaged in my own personal rite of spring -- the nearly annual losing of my (analog, actual marks on paper) phone book. And no, this isn't an April Fool's joke, though I know of one person in Toronto and one three blocks away that are laughing at me already. In any case -- if you're a reader who now and then hears from me by phone or mail, you might want to send your digits my way. Thanks.

Speaking of the greater Canada area, here are some pictures of a park. Very Clarence John Laughlin, except for the caption style.* And the presence of color.

*Can't resist, 'cos I see a book of his right here on the shelf: According to CLJ, the most literal-minded Surrealist in history, "The Ego-Centrics" (a 1940 photo), "--presents the simulacrum of those whose narrow greeds and vanity form a frame about them, isolating them from all else, and leading directly to the confusion and cross-purposes in contemporary society, which is symbolized by the jumbled mass choking the window. Such cross-purposes and confusing make impossible any widespread social betterment; and any consistent attempt to humanize our society." You tell 'em.

Sorry, nothing from the cultural desk today, unless you count hearing ABC's "Be Near Me" in the grocery store, which I do. Diss copyediting, light Peggy Lee research, no actual writing. I'll be seeing as much of The American Cinematheque's annual film noir series as work allows, which may not be much, starting tomorrow. Tip for locals: Don't miss Anthony Mann's T-Men (4/9), or I Wake Up Screaming (a.k.a. The Hot Spot, 4/11) -- even Victor Mature can't take away from the glory that is Laird Cregar. And: Skip Mask of Dimitrios (4/9, but a separate ticket), surprisingly dull for a mid-'40s Warners with Peter Lorre and Sydney Greenstreet. I know, it sounds good, but you've been warned.

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