Thursday, April 08, 2004

Rice sounding, at a few moments, as though she is this far from a Perry Mason-style crackup. Worrisome phrase: "Freedom deficit." Annoying: The verb "to task" -- sometimes, but not always "to task with." It doesn't sound like the grammar has settled down on this one.

Thrasymachus to Plato: "What more can I do? Am I to take my argument and pour it into your mind?" (Republic Bk. I, trans. Grube.)

Dreamed last night that I googled the word "cygnosis," and got a screen I'd never seen before informing me that this was the first time the engine had searched for that string, and asking if a presumed definition was correct. (Of course, I don't remember the definition.) When I actually do this, it asks if I meant "cyanosis."

Currently five movies behind: Donkey Skin, of which a digitally restored new print happened to be screening last weekend, and 3 noirs. The Chase, I Wouldn't Be In Your Shoes (both quite rare, apparently), and Preminger's Fallen Angel. We'll see if I get back to these -- as you might guess, I'm juggling, and frantically figuring out which things I can put off and which I can't. Mind, if not schedule, may clear slightly this weekend.

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