Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Ate badly, stupidly, yesterday. Expect to eat unheathfully in a somewhat more worth-it way for a couple days in New Orleans this weekend (see below); after that, just as an experiement, let's try 'eating right' for a few weeks, shall we? On this 'life of the mind' gig, one tends to wishfully deny the extent to which the state of one's body affects one's less-obviously-embodied faculties. Why there are fat Cartesians.

Had much of my faith in Destroyer revived last night at Spaceland. Rockist or not, it's likely the case that some people make more convincing music in real (oh, I can't say that, can I use 'lived'?) time than in virtual-MIDI land. That is: Being backed by Frog Eyes helped the performances of the new songs a great deal. As for F.E. themselves, terrible name, and a frontman that anyone who hates indie-rock would hate, and I'm not so nuts about him myself, but a fine band dynamic -- either the late, unlamented Rock*A*Teens are now an influence, or the same Birthday Party records got to Cabbagetown, GA and Victoria BC. Keyboardist could play, drummer not unLindylike, I wanted to steal her. Hadn't been too concerned to crack their promo before this, will do so now.

Bacon? Check. Beans? Check.: Will be at this in The Big Easy, thru Sunday, backing La Toomey. (Others playing over the 2 nights: Sue Garner, Vic Chestnutt, Calexico, John Doe, Pedro the Lion, Steve Wynn, Blackheart Procession). I'm surprised to learn that Harry Shearer is the MC -- just for the daytime events, or the shows too? Looking forward to hearing Alan Toussaint on the producer's panel. May tappy-tap-tap from there, depending on the gods of wi-fi.

Radio tonight; playist later.

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