Wednesday, May 19, 2004

I know you weren't holding your breath, but further worrying over what Stephin is or isn't/means or doesn't will have to be an unredeemed promissory for a while. Backchannel from S/FJ drops me back into a mass of fundamental questions that again make me worry about whether I oughta [be allowed to] write about music ever, at all. ('Quitting' endeavor X looms large in my mental economy, whether w/ grand gesture or just by falling silent; never happens, I just tack on Y, Z, and [special character] instead.) In any case, my deferral implies no claim that I had any of it right.

The late Elvin Jones, uncannily quoted on May 12 by Hotel Point (link at right): “The length of my solos doesn’t mean anything. When I go on for so long, I am looking for the right way to get out. Sometimes the door goes right by and I don’t see it, so I have to wait until it comes around again. Sometimes it doesn’t come around at all for a long, long time.” (Latta cites Palmer's Code of Signals as source. If memory serves, it shows up there in a piece by fellow drummer Clark Coolidge; I know CC quoted it somewhere, anyway.)

My first radio show of the summer, tonight 8-10; I'll be trying not to anaesthetize the way that you feel in this time slot until late August or so, unless I'm out of town. Listen to me rustily screw up segs and speeds online by following 'radio' link. I do attempt to follow format -- that is, play a good number of new releases in the station's rotation -- but I get my licks in one way or another. It usually gets more interesting after I've broken myself in for a week or two. Playlists will end up here.

Trying to figure out where I can buy a copy of Witkin's Adorno and Popular Culture to replace the one just recalled by another UCLA library user, came across this rarity; an unsolicited book review actually worth a look. Weird, but pithy: "Witkin's Adorno machine is constructed by a scholar who is tone deaf to the music of the dialectic." (You could almost imagine it's by Jane, but she probably wouldn't go on about Woody Allen at length.) Hit "Compare Prices" to learn that the cheapest place to buy Routledge critical theory books new is...Walmart.

Spend two more hours on tomorrow's lecture, then struggle with ONoffON review while I wait for the fucking plumber.

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