Sunday, May 02, 2004

Matos has a kidney stone; see today, and April 28. I'm with you, brother: This happened to me in 1995, the week before I started graduate school. (Sheathe the calculator, thanks.) I am to this day convinced that the proximal cause was a particularly humid Nothing Painted Blue show at Duke University a few weeks earlier -- sweaty walls, hands not staying on frets -- plus not drinking enough water on the drive back to California, in late August. Consider having it broken up w/ ultrasound before it exits, and think of the upside: This may be the only medical condition for which a reasonable program of treatment includes beer.

(And check MM's blog a few entries down for more criteoke.)

Approx. 7:25 p.m. tonight: The actual Oscar Mayer Wienermobile seen traveling north up my street. (I'm not going to link you to the Flash 'virtual tour' at the OM website, but now you know what to look for.) I believe I may have sighted 'it' (I imagine there are several in operation) on one previous instance, probably also on an NPB tour. I don't know why I'm so pleased by this, especially considering that the nitrates in various processed meat products were a probable distal cause of above stoney condition. (Not, mind you, nitrites -- wasn't that kind of band.) Kitsch doesn't touch me as it once did, I find, but, c'mon: Wienermobile!!

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