Wednesday, May 19, 2004

mission of burma -- this is not a photograph (summer theme song)
mission of burma -- fake blood (from the new one)
don armando's 2nd ave. rumba band -- i'm an indian,too (irving berlin tune also covered by clusone 3; ze 12" not on mutant disco)

cloudead -- son of a gun
tinklers -- zone fare (cloudy guy's voice reminde me of this)
susie ibarra & mark dresser -- metatone
chops (feat bahamadia) -- b-girl session (lotsa undierap 12"s in the bins)
mahjongg -- aluminum (oh, there's still electro)

bill wells -- family sighs (pretty but short)
simon joyner -- happy woman (from the new one mike krassner rec'd in l.a.)
westlake -- she grew and she grew (1987 ep by go-b's fetishist, ex-servants)
parts and labor -- s/t (7", a bit like hella, lock groove)

dj broken window -- too many mc's, not enough ultravox (there seems to be a certain annoying u-rap vocal style I was not aware of; quasimodo's one thing, but)
madvillian (feat medaphoar) -- raid (wanted 'accordion,' but it's un-clean)
the double -- firecrackers in sawdust (fake dub; this disc is growing on me a lot)
studio one dub -- race track version (real dub; soul jazz comp; c. dodd r.i.p.)
wayne mcghie & the sounds of joy -- by the time i get to phx. (reissue of 1970 solo debut of jackie mittoo bandmate; haven't read the notes yet)

le scrawl -- boiling point (kinda rad, flips between deathmetal and ska w/ horns)
breaker! breaker! -- do right, do wrong (you see the connection)
painting soldiers -- the canes (one-sided vinyl ep, new to me, ymg-ish)
the mekons -- gin palace (poor seg, too bad)
sol power -- raach ya sol (is that 'reach' or 'rock'?; clav-funk w/ nu-soul vox, I'll play this again)
eyedea & abilities -- now (showy, I like the acoustic bass)

broadcast -- lunch hour pops (request, better than remembered)
azita -- antartica (art bears meets suddenly tammy)
xiu xiu -- clowne towne
lyn collins -- rock me again x 6
carole simpson -- just because we're kids (cabaret)

got 'what are you playing calls' on Westlake, Double/Studio One, Painting Soldiers; and one woman asking if I'd sell CDs of my show. Too much pressure.

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