Wednesday, May 26, 2004

mission of burma -- this is not a photograph ('79 taang version)
mission of burma -- fever moon
elvin jones -- spacing (1977 electric rec. w/ bunky green, kenny barron, among others)

radel esca -- my favorite theme (some kinda d.c. indie-funk 7", not in any of the usual niches)
pigeon john feat. abstract rude -- identity crisis (of l.a. symphony, best of the 3 on this ep)
twilight circus dub sound system -- twilight c meets tommy z/bassie dub II (archival dub on roir, don't really grasp the provenance)
girl talk -- pump it up (on-the-cut collage-electro)

caetano veloso -- detached (high-concept transcribed-for-strings cover of:)
dna -- detached
arto lindsay -- make that sound (from new salt; kicking my ass)
the new sound of my bossa nova -- man (iffy lofi indie-bossa)
juana molina -- misterio uruguayo (that's more like it; got a nice call)

flatlanders -- yesterday was judgment day (hancock/ely/j.d. gilmore; weird transition, but good)
amy allison -- dreaming's killing me (ok, so it's the americana set)
amy blaschle -- thoughtlessness of (new to me, voice reminds me of?)
death water estates -- suburban beachtown (charlie mcalester 'best' of, remember him?)
eddie pennington -- information, please (kentucky thumb-picking, smithsonian, hot playing)

guys and dolls -- i must go home alone (just this single I pull out every so often)
evolution control committee -- by the time i get to arizona (the kids need to hear this)
time machine -- night lights (eh)
alias -- divine disappointment (anticon comp; this one has some atmosphere; got a call)

cristina -- disco clone (been waiting for months to have my show again so i could play this)
freezepop -- stakeout (self-aware electropop, girl-stalks-indie-boy)
lali puna -- b-movie (#1 at the station, i gather, notwist + personality?)
metal boys -- the pleasure (post-metal urbain, best seg of show; shoulda brought the robotnicka disc; a call on this one)
fennesz -- transit (w/ david sylvian)

fats waller -- us on a bus (charming song I've never heard otherwise, 1935)
john coltrane -- ascent (from sun ship; one more for elvin)

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