Friday, May 21, 2004

Only glanced at it and still deciding whether to shell out, but I expect The Wire's pronouncements on "The State of Song" to provoke me something terrible. There's a "war on pop," apparently.

Yesterday's purchases: LM Descloux Press Color (enjoying the other one, though with sadness), Arto Lindsay Salt (w/ Kara Walker cover art, nice parlay w/ DNA reissue and Caetano's "Detached"), Maiow When It All Comes Down (complete reissue of Cath Carroll's Factory-era band), Burma vinyl (analog mastering, I'm over that, but needed the extra track, the Dils' "Class War"), Liars They Were Wrong, So We Drowned (just to find out). Forgot I wanted the new Mozzer.

I've been using Dick Cheney as a random name in a set of examples about photography for my class; I won't go into the details. (By the way, Roger Scruton's "Photography and Representation" is one of the worst excuses for a philosophy paper I've ever read, but I've found it a necessary foil for making various points. I only recently learned that the Pet Shop Boys successfully sued him for 10,000 pounds in 1999, for claiming in print that they and The Spice Girls had little to do with their own records.) Anyway, one of my students presented me with a Larouche pamphlet with a photo of Cheney on the cover, manipulated so that his shadow is a hatchet-hefting executioner. Title: "Children of Satan II: The Beast-Men." [With Bette Midler as...The Ringmaster.] Glad to see I'm getting something across.

Wed. was awful -- waited for a plumber that never came on a day when I actually could have allowed myself out of the house. Now the tub's ok, and with no deadline up this sec, heading to Pasadena for Saddest Music In The World, maybe lunch, maybe read what I want to for a while over coffee. (Have you noticed that I post more boringly when I'm less stressed?) Better leave now.

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