Wednesday, June 02, 2004

(bmi radio log week -- extra writing-down!)

mission of burms -- this is not a photograph
volcano suns -- greasy spine (branching out to the side projects; "never trust a man with a skinny tie")
mandre -- swang (very strange 1979 motown synth-disco, needs further investigation)
jeru the damaja -- won't stop

saturday looks good to me -- record store (from 'metaphysics for beginners' comp; sounds markedly like...)
aislers set -- falling buildings
sleater-kinney -- leave you behind (ipod threw me this earlier today, didn't even recognize it)
future pigeon -- haunted dub (l.a. group, new to me)

spoonie gee meets the sequence -- monster jam (kurtis blow hist. of rap discs are in rotation; "I'm like that pill they call Dristan.")
konk -- elephant (soul jazz reissue)
ramelzee -- cheezy lipstick (holy shit!)
lizzy mercier descloux -- slipped disc (in memoriam)
lizzy mercier descloux -- tumor (her peggy lee rip)

les george leningrad -- georges five (thud-wave backing great; vocals hard to take)
toulouse -- schematic for new situations
idiot flesh -- puppet theater (station's 'featured artist of the week'; I am not thrilled)
slow jets -- country under canada (new band from ? that sounds like something that would have been in the bins around the r.e.m. era; strange)
kevin dunn and the regiment of women -- private sector (guy from that very era I've never known much about; this record is the was-roots-now-am-wave move, very gated and kinda me all over)

dj signify -- winter's going (nice acoustic sample, mc not so much)
the opus -- isis (beats: 'mr. echoes' and 'the isle of weight'; better developed than above; rhyme sounds like something will alexander might write)
christian marclay -- louis armstrong (from wide-ranging RecRec radio sampler)
freescha -- sheena (split w/ casino v. japan)
the antibiotics -- telemarkets from hell (leavening a pretty dark set)

sol power -- fluid (stacy epps; she can sing some)
french toast -- hatred mace (some fugazi connection, unclear on details; practically darkwave)
jon rauhouse's steel guitar rodeo -- perry mason theme (seg makes no sense; a few pennies for f. steiner; have to come back to kelly hogan's 'smoke rings' another week)
azita -- just joker blues (starting to find my rotation faves for the summer)

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