Wednesday, June 09, 2004

mission of burma -- this is not a photograph
mission of burma -- mica

steve lacy -- laugh (in memoriam, from "moon," byg, 1969)
steve lacy -- the bath (from "the rent" cavity search, 1997)

pookey blow -- get up (and go to school) (stones throw conn. hip-hop comp.; got a call)
free design -- umbrellas (p.b. wolf remix; 'fly like an eagle' sample!)
themselves -- good people check (hrvatski remix, anticon comp)
james white -- the twitch (latest comp.)

acid mothers temple -- mellow hollow love (station 'feat. artist of week')
!!! -- pardon my freedom (nice work on the slightly distorted drum sound, glad I didn't play this
susanna and the magical orchestra -- distance blues & theory (doesn't quite live up to the title)
the real tuesday weld -- easter parade (not irving berlin's song; divine comedyish, merits further exploration)

quine/maher -- bluffer (in memoriam, from "basic," 1984)
richard hell & the voidoids -- time (it's called sentiment, folks)
nomy lamm -- grand gesture (self-release, bedsit accordian)
rich west -- furcifer (hmm, l.a. outjazz disc named for mackey's "bedouin hornbook")

eddie pennington -- duncan and brady
peter blegvad -- magritte (from a recrec comp, not sure I've ever heard it before)
john fahey -- you can't cool off in the old mill pond, you can only die (little brother double 7")
devandra banhart -- fall (sure, why not)
bing crosby -- tower of babel (I'll explain this later, I promise)

calexico -- corona (got a call from someone who recognized the minutemen song but had never heard of calexico; a little surprising, but not a bad thing)
minutemen -- jesus & tequila (calexico also do this one; heard joey interviewed on fresh air on the way to the station)
emanon -- emcees like me

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