Wednesday, June 23, 2004

mission of burma -- this is not a photograph
roger miller -- portrait of a mechanical dog
azita -- yours for today
terror at the opera -- magic dream (some manner of improvish film music)
joanna newsome -- peach, plum, pear (been avoiding this, to be honest, but it's ok)
juana molina -- filter taps (station finally got this; instantly, two calls)

frankenixon -- due process (from ames, somewhere between azita and bettie seervert)
blood on the wall -- baby likes to holler
painting soldiers -- astronauts
nico -- chelsea girls (feat. artist, good call)
espers -- daughter

sally timms -- bomb (from upcoming t&g disc, all sung from male p.o.v.)
fashionettes -- whirlwind (from same gary paxton comp as last time, fantastic 'heat wave' bite)
turid -- om snallhet (swedish folkie, they'll reissue anything these days, won't they?)
eastside sinfonetta -- supply & demand

humans -- i live in the city (forgotten l.a. band c. 1981, x-ish lyrically; on i.r.s., even)
les savy fav -- knowing how the world works (so now we rock for a while; from singles comp)
dirtbombs -- lost love (adult cover, from split 7")
this moment in black history -- art project (not such a good band name, stoogier than song title indicates: "takin' pictures in the shower/watch me go!")
freezepop -- stakeout (better'n anything my favorite ever did)

prisonshake -- shook like roses
hot cross -- better a corpse than a nun (not entirely un-emo)
lkn -- sarah, i adore you (that is, lauren k. newman, one-woman disc but sounds like a full band, live drums and all, difficult to peg; somewhere between polly jean and a dischord band, maybe? this cut is 10 mins, but started skipping after 4...so, faded to:)

guy klucevsek + philip johnston -- tulips are better than one
joel rl phelps/downer trio -- north and annie-o (from upcoming 'customs' full-length)
cherry 2000 -- new waste of time (fairly random pick from the 'slightly older bin,' turns out to be a rather good sort of sy/shoegaze w tempo shifts and a good deal of 'verb)
murs & 9th wonder -- trevor 'n' them (took a break from the indie-hop this week; it was pretty uninpired last time; this is decent, though)

robert creeley! -- lackawanna lives (mixed w/ human beatbox by his son; slight poem, but interesting effect, from 'metaphysics for beginners' comp on redder records)
eric dolphy -- improvisations and turkas (from the strange '87 posthumous release 'other aspects'; this was from '60, w/ dolphy on flute and a very calm-sounding woman not-exactly-singing syllables in?; if I had time, this would be the moment to seg to sound poetry)

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