Wednesday, June 09, 2004

oh Britney we love you please get up

Blogging is just show-and-tell for the digitally privleged, so here's What I Learned Today, at Santa Monica Pier, where I hadn't been for years and years (old friends were staying nearby):

1) The bumper car ride is fittingly called the Sig Alert. (Not the same link as Harlequin Knights, but thanks to Joseph for the heads up, and the Ballard passage.) Bree claims these cars are those used in the title sequence of Three's Company, though it felt more like Mouchette -- all the other kids looked really tough.

2) The historical Muscle Beach is here, marked by a sign reading "birthplace of the twentieth century's physical culture movement," not Venice, as reported here previously. Also here, the carousel used in Curtis Harrington's ultracreepy Night Tide.

3) Liz Phair's "Extraordinary" has made it into arcade rotation. No sign of "Mono," but I wasn't there very long.

4) I could conceivably develop a knack for Dance Dance Revolution (esp. with assistance from a house remix of "We Are The Champions." But horrific zombie shoot-em-ups? Not for me.

5) If you can find a parking space and don't actually appear drunk, you could probably spend a very pleasant afternoon undisturbed in certain hotel lobbies. I suppose this isn't unique to this locale.

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