Sunday, June 06, 2004

Subontik eventually. But, I seem to have forgotten that one thing one does with one's blog is lead possible readers to what one has written elsewhere. So here's the rather limited amount of music writing I managed during the last push of the dissertation:

Seattle Weekly:
Mission of Burma

Boston Phoenix:
Robotnicka and Metal Urbain
Glenn Branca
Polyphonic Spree and Free Design (First half of this is the most negative thing I've published in a while. Even elicited complaint from PS' publicist. You don't want to know how I responded. I do regret a couple of titling errors, which I thought would have been corrected online by now.)
"Whipped Cream Mixes" and L.A. Carnival

While I'm in self-regard mode, there's this. I could say a lot about it (starting with the misguided implication that I'm a critical darling), but luckily, the thread died before I was tempted to add to it. (Did write to the initiator, briefly.)

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