Wednesday, July 28, 2004

3 for 4; more soon

kspc 8-10

mission of burma -- this is not a photograph
jacqueline humbert -- empty words (disc of commissioned art-songs composed by robert ashley [this one], james tenney, david rosenboom, that sort of crowd; on Lovely Music; will track this down)
real tuesday weld -- one more chance
rasputina -- when I was a young girl
haco -- sunday versions (RecRec comp)

side effect -- spitacular (philly, cheezed-out organ jazz sample; 'like Batman without his utility belt/sometimes I freestyle so my agility's felt'
murs -- 3:16
bad fathers -- evolution is outdated (woo, very june jordan)
wiley -- pies (just got this in the mail -- appears to be about pies)

unid. song-poem artist -- virgin child of the universe (from 'key of z' comp; station's artist of the week is 'outsiders,' like I need an excuse to play this stuff
jandek -- janky
gene marshall -- jimmy carter says 'yes'
captain beefheart -- spotlight kid
truman's water -- x-ray eyes or

cardboards -- electrical generator (cool, we're getting hyped to death comps now, this is pittsburgh '81 and sounds it)
tracy and the plastics -- this is dog city
gift of gab -- up
samson and sejour -- the big throwback

[stayed on mic for longer than usual, briefly ranting about hearing jim ladd on klos last night, and his self-serving claim that his couple of hours of 'free form' AOR a night are the only shred of resistance to corporatization; there -is- non-commercial radio, Jim, not to say its existence isn't under threat.]

mecca normal -- war between the neighbors
robin holcomb -- iowa lands (just picked up 3 cds used, at a price that indicates a dispiriting career arc -- definitely a 'prestige' signing; but, an impressive musician)
animal collective -- we tiger (I don't know about this, are we just back in Elephant 6 territory? Wouldn't have connected the 'whoops' to Truman's if I hadn't happened to program their CD earlier today)
the pioneers -- (why are) people grudgeful? ("joe gibbs mood" amalgamated comp on trojan, never knew this was the fall's source)

dead moon -- war is blind
vril -- despicable cadet/crumpled armada
charles hayward -- madmen, two swords (from 'switch on war' circa first gulf war)
xiu xiu -- support our troops

tangiers -- walk run walk
lansing-drieden - IV

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