Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Curtis Mayfield & The Impressions The Anthology, 1961-1977; PJ Harvey Uh Huh Her*; Sushirobo The Light-Fingered Feeling Of...; Walker Kong, Transparent Life.

Between thoughts right now, but would like to draw your attention to some new links, at right:

'matos' is Matos, who you probably know. What could I trade to get a copy of this?

Previously, I've only linked to people with whom I'm already in touch, but I'm breaking that policy:

'lisablog,' by poet Lisa Jarnot, comprises war, horse racing, health, and the bones in your head. Very funny, very angry (and very difficult to decide which of those adjectives to place first. Important orienting statement, from an early post: "There are a lot of boring poetry blogs that I don't read."

'zoilus' is Carl Wilson, a critic for the Globe & Mail. I linked to an admirably detailed Mountain Goats review of his some time ago; I think I underrated his writing at the time. Since then, I've found him consistently insightful, both in published columns and the less constrained environs of the blog. E.g., here's his Nellie McKay v. Nina Hagen matchup (Nina wins), and a long discussion of "Really," the one McKay song that gets past her 'solipsism.' Agree, disagree, whatever: Smart, thoughtful stuff.

*enjoying the textures more than the texts, which may just be me, and which is fine. Happened to see the video for "Good Fortune," from the last one, a few weeks back, and loved, that particular day, both the song and her presence, though I didn't make much of Stories... at the time.

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