Wednesday, July 07, 2004

kspc 8-10

mission of burma -- this is not a photograph
frederic rzewski/anthony de la mare -- winnsboro cotton mill blues
jeru the damaja -- won't stop
eternals -- son of we don't want you here (should really play more dub after this)

calexico -- sirena (for ticket giveaway)
viento de ague -- ola de la mar (puerto rican bomba/plena grp)
the strange fruit project feat lysoul -- maintains (smoove. 'lysoul'?)

canto di soldati -- verra quel di di lune (tuscany, from 'secret museum' 78 comp)
the fall -- loop/houston
sybarite -- killing the moonshine (temporary residence comp.)
mr. magic & pookie blow -- earth break (3rd unheard)

rjd2 -- through the walls (ok, this was amazing; sounds like nick gilder or something)
meringue -- how is the one?
silkworm -- penalty box (new one, tenser than the last couple)
detachment kit -- ricochet (how can you take that band name seriously?)

passage -- jail 4 lil geniuses
orphans -- chinatown (request)
soviettes -- love song
gin palace -- you want it
whisky & co -- southbound train
girl talk -- bodies hit the floor
total shutdown -- tears
charming snakes -- teenage kut out (weird 7", medley of an original and "teenage kicks")

[blood donor psa feat. -- coolio!]

jackie mittoo -- brain mark
studio one -- chase them version (soul jazz comp.; one of the few vocal tracks)
beige -- schmonked starlet ('difficult easy listening' comp.; seemingly another atom heart project/psued)
dangermouse/jemini -- here we go again

craig taborn -- bodies at rest and motion (blue series)
the small group -- shadowy portals (local)
the organ -- it's time to go (vancouver band w/ female mozz impersonator, opened for new porns last year)

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