Wednesday, July 14, 2004

kspc 8-10 p.m.

mission of burma -- this is not a photograph
consonant -- the kiss
les georges leningrad -- bad smell
breaker! breaker! -- magenta

tracy & the plastics -- quasaars
skip jensen -- my time's up (one-man garage band, french 7")
rev. gary davis -- there's destruction on this land
summer hymns -- capsized

the bruces -- beautiful slanted northern light (good, no surprise, fuller than last cd)
eddie pennington -- duncan & brady (stackolee era trad tune)
elizabeth cotton -- oh babe it ain't no lie (feat. artist of week)
carla kihlstadt -- flinch (very different from the cut played 2 weeks ago, I'm digging this disc)

libythth -- pimp stumbles into booby trap (starts as electoclash, goes somewhere more fucked, from michigan 'secrets & sounds' comp; at least it's not space-rock)
mr. lif & murs -- sneak preview (old 12" of tracks of def jux 2 comp)
colder -- one night in tokyo
rjd2 -- iced lightning (how did this set get so chill-out?)

miaow -- break the code (from the reissue)
julia vorontsova -- cities and countries (on abaton book company, folkier than marianne nowottny, and she's apparently russian, but this has that same jailbait vibe; label guy mark dagley may have been in the girls, but that was apparently at the more normal end of his range)
soviettes -- tonight (they're playing...tonight; this song is marked 'poppy...mainstreamish' on the station's copy, what, you mean, like, it has dynamics and you might actually remember it?)
nina nastasia -- judy's in the sand

arto lindsay -- personagem
camping -- hier wohnen wir (strongly german-accented fake bossa; odd effect)
n. lannon -- cruel (dog of the show, sorry)
belgianettes -- the crank (from 'show me what you got' soul comp)

james chance -- the twitch
gutbucket -- dance of the demented pigeon (kinda masada jr., but that's not bad)
lansing-dreiden -- II (review says 'resembles radar love,' and it does)
the mae shi -- revelation party (local)
curtis mayfield -- ghetto child

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